Tank Transporter Recovery
In November 2015, we were contacted by Staff Sergeant David Crampton from the 151st Regiment, 562nd Squadron of the Royal Logistics Corp to see if we were prepared to help them restore a model they previously had in their Mess in Germany which had subsequently been damaged and was looking a little worse for wear - the model that is and not the Mess. The original model itself is scratch built to 1/16th scale (or close enough). Chairman Dave asked if any of us were interested in helping them at our next club night. Enough hands were raised to suggest it was safe to say yes, of course.

After collecting the model, the team of volunteers set about the challenge (pun intended) of restoring the Scammell Commander Transporter and its Challenger tank. So who did what?

- Dave W made a number of repairs to the Challenger, including wheels and mud flaps. He also got us all organised, as befits his role as leader of the pack!
- Chris K concentrated on the trailer, repairing and enhancing the winch, lamps and hold-down linkages, re-attaching the wheels to the trailer and scratch building some 80 gallon fuel drums.
- Brian made a number of repairs to the tractor unit
- Dave H gave the whole model a new paint job
- Martin created and painted the figure to go alongside the model
- Graham J revarnished the base and replaced the old cloth mount with a new one.

At the March 2016 meeting, Staff Sergeant David Crampton and Kevin Hennessy came to our club meeting to retrieve their updated model which we can say without fear of embarrassment that it was warmly received. It will now be returned to their base in Southall and given pride of place in a new display case.

The gallery contains a few photos of the finished model - sadly we don't have any before the work was carried out. Well done to all involved. Photos by Chairman Dave and Graham J.