Bigger and better probably sums up nicely the 2013 Don Sharpe Memorial Trophy competition. Although we were missing a few club members, we still managed to get 47 models on to the table - in fact at one point we thought we might need a bigger table. If Brian and Dave complete their 1/200th scale Bismarcks, we certainly will for next year! And what a variety - let down as always by Graham's inability to stop building Harriers. We had planes (from WW1 through to today), helicopters, autogyros, ships (and parts thereof), tanks, cars, dioramas, machines and figures (wow! some figures!). As one might expect, there were some moving parts!

Sadly, Don's widow and children were not able to make this year's competition to assist with the judging. As they were celebrating with family at a 90th birthday party, I think they can be forgiven. It was left to members present on the night to cast their votes for first, second and third. Naturally, it was a close run thing. So much so, we had a joint third place, a clear second and a winner by one vote.

Who won? Well .... drum roll ... Tony counted the votes ... drum roll continues ... and Tony won! Can't say fairer than that said the assembled crowd! In joint third place were Dave Haskell with the Fuso and Tony Horton with his J-Hawk, second went to Dave Turner for his P-61 and Tony Horton won with his HMS Howe.

A fun night out - no one argued and judging by comments I overheard and conversations I participated in, we all fouund it difficult to choose between the various models. Dave H even commented that by the time I get through my stash of Harriers I should be able to make a decent one. I was quite chuffed by that, though I didn't tell him how many I've really got in the stash to practise on - LOL.

If you're a budding modeller looking to join the club but intimidated by the quality of models on display, don't be, as everyone is always willing to help you improve and even our most experienced modellers will always tell you that their best model is their next one. This is the only "serious" competition we have, and no-one takes it seriously! Come and join in, it'll make a world of difference.

Martin signs a blank cheque for the judge and slips it under his model
Yes. They are what you think they are standing proud in the middle
Martin checks if the cheque is still there
John ponders where he'd have put his models, if he had brought any along!
One half of the table display ...
... and the other half of the table display
We christened this the "go vertical" corner
Harriers, elves and choppers
A bit more nautical now
Ships ahoy!
The battleship contenders go broadside
A more interesting mix here
The final corner before the run in to judging ...
Birds of prey
Dave Haskell's friend
Brian's Bismarck turret
And in joint third, Dave Haskell's IJNS battleship Fuso
together with Tony Horton's US Coast Guard Sikorsky UH-60 Jayhawk
Second prize goes to Dave Turner with his P61A-II "Midnite Madness"
and the winner of the Don Sharpe Memorial trophy for this year is Tony Horton with his model of HMS Howe
Tony receives his prize from Dave ... so the old boys kept the trophy in the gang of four again. Encouragement for us newcomers to win next year ... or rig the voting Eurovision Song Contest style!