What does one say about this year's competition that perhaps has not been said before? Not sure, so I'll just repeat myself, as ever. 40 models, give or take whether two kits in one diorama is one model or two, made it onto the table. We pretty much covered all of the genres though sound and motion was lacking this year. Tut, tut, Brian, have your batteries run down? Not surpising, given the events towards the end of last year. We covered most of the standard scales as well, so the table was not dominated by the 1/32nd and 1/24th models like some shows and tables.

All members present on the night were able to cast their votes for first, second and third choices. There was a clear winner this year...

Fourth place went to Chris McKee for his 1/32nd scale Revell BAe Systems Hawk. Third place went to Les for his 1/35th scale Tamiya Medium Machine Gun Carrier. Second place went to Brian for his re-built 1/32nd scale Hasegawa FW-190D and first place went to ...

Chris McKee for his Accurate Armour IDF Diamond T Tank transporter with Syrian T55. Congratulations Chris - fantastic model and well deserved. You've also kept the trophy within the gang of four, saves the engraver learning a new name! Actually, as Tony said on the night, it's congratulations to all club members for their efforts over the past 12 months in this, our displays and the mutual support we give each other. Stop, I'm going to have to go off and cry now.

Time to start building for next year ... that's a hint John!
All labelled up and ready to go ...
Let the judging commence
Walking around the table ...
and a bit more ...
and a bit more ...
and a bit more ...
almost there, getting dizzy now ...
am I back where I started yet? ...
Not quite ...
Hoorah - I think that's it - circumnavigation completed.
And the winner was ... ?
Tony tries to build the tension whilst announcing the results ...
... which did get everyone's attention - a bit of a rarity when Tony's doing club business!
The Winning Model
The winning model as voted by the club members present on the night - the IDF Diamond T Tank Transporter with Syrian T55.
The Winning Model
2014 Winner
Chris McKee receives the trophy from John. Congratulations.
2014 Winner