Another year of feverish model making brings us to our annual club competition. Last year we had 40 models on the table, this year we had 54 on the snooker table. Yes that's right, the snooker table. Our hosts had decided that the main hall should be given over to four chaps running around in circles whilst the 22 of us were treated to a sardine party in the snooker room. To add insult to injury, the snooker table lights were not working, so most of the room light was blocked out from the table. Not exactly the most conducive environment for an informed judging of our models by the members attending on the night. Disappointment over with, we carried on with the show like true professionals. Don's daughter Linda and husband John came down once again to view our efforts and present the trophy to the winner.

Just to remind you that the only criteria for entry is that the model was made in the last 12 months. Any genre, any scale, any customisation and any motorisation! Some of us did not put any models in, which is a shame, as it's definitely not the winning but the taking part that's important - that's my excuse for putting the egg planes in! It's a celebration of the hobby as much as anything else. All of us present on the night were allowed to cast a vote for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Tony did the counting of the votes and his Eric Morley impression, reading out the results in reverse order - fortunately from 4 and not 54.

Fourth place went to Tony for his Harrier GR.9, third to Brian for his Lightning T.4, second to Chris M for his Wessex HC.2, and first went to Dave T for his .... oops, no, that's not right....Not Dave T, but Tim with his Messerschmitt Bf/Me 110 diorama. It was Tim's first visit to the club, having met us at the London Model Engineering Exhibition, and what a way to make an entrance. Congratulations Tim, we know you never expected to be taking home the club's silverware on your first visit, especially as you had to be persuaded to put your winning model on the table. Now we have 5 names on the trophy - so there's still hope for the rest of us.

The slate's been wiped clean, let battle commence for 2016.

Apologies for the poor quality photos, I should have done better even though we were in the snooker room. Phillip has kindly provided some more photos which have been added to the end of the gallery.
One of the best uses for a snooker table that we've seen ...
... but as you can see, somewhat lacking in light
Going round the table - from the small scale ...
... to a bit larger
The Mil Mi-10 was not powered up today - though it might have helped with the air conditioning (or lack of)
More Lightnings ... did Airfix pop some new kits this year?!
Harriers and egg planes - no identification of model maker required
Lap almost completed
Classic British jets
The finishing straight. What was your winner?
Tim receiving the trophy from Linda, husband John looking on.
Tim's winning model ... more details to follow on the story behind it
Anubis figure by Chris K (Photo by Phillip)
A damsel in distress? by Chris K (Photo by Phillip)
Ongoing deliberations (Photo by Phillip)
"Lady Angela" by Graham (Photo by Phillip)
Vickers Gun Team by Pete (Photo by Phillip)
Figure in Tim's winning entry (Photo by Phillip)