Last year we had 54 models on the table - this year we only had 26. I'm not sure why this is - we've not been any less productive. Maybe most of us had no expectation of winning and thought why bother? I reckon around 50% of us attending on the night did not put a model on the table. Come on chaps - it's not the winning, it's the taking part?

Martin picked up third and second places, but the winner for this year was Chris McKee with his IDF AFV M109. Congratulations to Martn and Chris and thanks to all those who put models down on the table, whether in hope, expectation or just simply to say "this is my best for the year".

As befits the nature of the club and the competition, the models were laid out in a somewhat random style. I could have arranged them more neatly for the photographs, but life's too short and besides which, you've seen them before (well, almost all of them)!

Thanks again to Linda and John for coming to see us.
Less ambient light than last year - must get a bigger flash!
Higgledy piggledy was the order of the day
The lights and sound section
No prizes for guessing who made some of these models!
Oy, get out of my picture!
The winning set - Chris M with the M109, Martin with "I do like to be beside the seaside" and "The Roxy".
The Don Sharpe Memorial Trophy winner for 2016
Second place
Third place
Chris McKee receiving the trophy from Linda.