Last year saw the 6 Month Challenge end on the October club night and this has been continued for 2013. With the opportunity to bash out a kit in the first days of Autumn (in the unlikely 90% probability you have done nothing for the previous 5 months!), it's hoped that we can maintain or improve upon the number of entries. Did we succeed? yes we did, with the number of entries rising by two to nine. There's still a few shy club members steadfastly refusing to enter, but we sent them to the far corner to sit with Grumpy and read the Daily Mail. Meanwhile, the rest of us marvelled at what could be done with a cheap and cheerful kit, if you threw in equal amounts of skill, enthusiasm and imagination. Tony again surpassed himself with his choice of kits. No expense was spared, probably because no expense was made, in obtaining some wonderful 1/72nd scale aircraft from the KP Models range. If nothing else, some of us will have discovered some aircraft we'd never previously knew existed. What did six month's cogitation, imagination and occasional action produce? Well, have a look at the gallery below. Tony was the judge and jury again and seemed to enjoy the process of reviewing the entries and selecting the winner, who just happened to be ...
2013 6 Month Challenge Entries
We counted them all out, but we didn't count them all back. The final 9 that returned.
2013 6 Month Challenge Entries
Dave T's entry with the Czech Air Force MiG-15 UTI
John's entry with the Lavockin LA-7 Racer
Peter's entry with the Finnish Air Force MiG-15 UTI
Chris R's entry with the "Can you guess what it is yet?" Lavockin La-7
Keith's entry with the "Work In Progress" Lavockin La-7
Martin's entry with the East German Agressor Squadron MiG-15 UTI
Chris M's entry with the "Royal Navy Sky Shark" Letov S-16
Brian's entry with the "Planes in Flames" sound and vision diorama and the Lavockin La-7
Graham's entry with "Eh-oh!", sub-titled "When two Teletubbies go to war, Laa-Laa is the one who will score", featuring the Lavockin La-7 and the Letov S-16.
For the second year running, Graham wins the 6 Month Challenge, and finds himself with another challenge, building his prize, the Airfix Cutty Sark Starter Set. Thanks to all those who took part.