Graham James
Graham James - I returned to model making in 2010 after a very long absence and the "James May Experience" of going back to my childhood once I had a bit more spare time.

I'm a member of three IPMS(UK) Special Interest Groups: Harrier; Great War; and Special Schemes. SIGs are a great place to get help, support and gain knowledge and the Harrier SIG in particular has been a life-changer for me.
Models 1 to 100
Hawker Fury Mk.I
Tiger II Ausf.B
RN Tow Tractor
RN Tow Tractor
Avro Lancaster
Hawker Fury
Space Shuttle & 747
Roland D.VIb
Sea Harrier FA.2
Rafale A
Jaguar GR.1A
Typhoon Mk.Ib
Hurricane Mk.IIc
Ansaldo SVA.5 (Late)
Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIc, PZ865
Harrier AV-8B II FSD
Sea Harrier FRS.1
Harrier GR.5
Harrier TAV-8s
Harrier AV-8B II Plus
Dassault Rafale B
Saab Gripen
Harrier GR.7
Harrier T.12
Harrier T.10
Sea Harrier FA.2
Harrier T.60
Rafale B
CF-188A Hornet
Hawk Mk.128
Harrier TAV-8B
Harrier T-8
Hawk Mk 127
JAS-39A Gripen
Harrier T4N
F-16C Eggplane
Harrier T.4
Leonardo M-346A
Harrier II AV-8B Plus
Red Arrows Hawk
Harrier II AV-8B
Dassault Rafale M
Harrier II AV-8B NA
Spitfire Vb
Yak-38 Forger
Lancaster B1
CF-104 Checkerbird
Bae Hawk G-Hawk
Hawker Hurricane Mk 1
Supermarine Spitfire Mk 1a
Rafale C
Sopwith Camel BR.1
Harrier AV-8B Plus
Lotus 91
Eurofighter EF2000
Harrier T.2
Harrier T.4
Harrier TAV-8A
Harrier GR9
Sukhoi Su-33D
Harrier T52
Rafale C
Harrier GR.1 XV758
Harrier TAV-8A, 3101 / 1
F-22 Raptor
Leopard 2A6NL
VAAC Harrier T.4A
Sea Harrier FRS.1, XZ460
Bell AH-1W Supercobra
Harrier II AV-8B Plus
General Dynamics F-16D
Rafale M
F-15C Eagle
Harrier GR3
Harrier GR.9A
Type 22 Missile boat
Your having a giraffe
M-346 Master
Sherman Calliope
Rafale C
King Tiger
Harrier GR.7
PZL M-28
Mirage 2000N
Tornado IDS
F16 Block 20
Rafale C
Harrier GR.3
Mig 15Bis
Harrier AV-8C NASA
J-20 Mighty Dragon
Bristol F.34B