John Tucker
John Tucker - I started modelling Airfix 2-bob kits when I was about 8 years old, but stopped when I left school, started my apprenticeship and discovered motorcycles, beer and girls. I restarted modelling after I got married, but my production rates are not high, what with kids and a second job in the Territorial Army.

I mainly model British Airways and predecessor company airliners in 1/144 and 1/72 scale, post-war RAF and FAA aircraft in 1/72 and prototype and experimental British aircraft, again in the one true 1/72 scale. I do sometimes delve into something different and then recover my senses.

I have been a member of IPMS(UK) since 1981 and I belong to their Airliner SIG. I'm also a member at IPMS Farnborough and have attended the Nationals since the mid 80's. My day (and night) job is as an aircraft engineer with British Airways at Heathrow.
BAC 1-11
Hurricane IIc
Boulton Paul 111a
Saunders Rose SR53
Handley Page HP115
Fairey Delta FD2
Bedford OX and Trailer
Landing Craft
Meteor T7
Vampire FB5
Sabre F1
SA Bulldog
Piper Cherokee
P-51K Mustang
Provost T1
Spitifre XVIe
Fairey Delta FD1
Supermarine S6B
Boeing 737-236
Control Tower
Pickfords Truck
Lavockin LA-7 Racer