Les Clancy
Les Clancy - I began modelling as a child in the late 50's, early 60's,cutting my teeth on Airfix kits like everyone else. There was a gap of a few years when I discovered girls and alcohol, but I got back into it after getting married in 1973. My first serious model was the Tamiya 1/25th Panther, followed by the Airfix 1/24th Stuka. (This was when you still got a swastika to put on the tail). I then made both tanks and aircraft in 1/35 and 1/48 respectively, but my interest now is almost exclusively British armour of the Second World War in 1/35th. I attend as many military and model shows as I can and get much enjoyment from this hobby.
M3 Stuart Honey
Panzer IV
Crusader AA Mk.III
Matilda Mk.II
Churchill Mk. IV AVRE
Sherman Mk.III
Crusader AA Mk.I
Churchill Mk.V
Churchill Mk.IV
Churchill Mk.I
Sherman Mk.I ARV
Crusader Gun Tractor
Crusader Mk.I
A9 Cruiser
Light Tank Mk.VIb
Wasp Mk.IIc
Wasp Mk.II
Bren Carrier Mk 1
AEC Mk.1
Vickers Light Tank
Medium Machine Gun Carrier
Cruiser Mk IV
Light Tank Mk.VIB
Marmon-Herrington Mk.II
MK I (Male)
MK I (Female)
KIS-5 truck and tanker
MK II (Male)
Loyd Carrier & 6 Pdr
Churchill Mk.III
Sherman BARV
Centurion Mk.3
Sherman II
Zundapp KS 750
Austin Utility
Humber Mk.II
Vickers Medium Tank Mk.II
M3 Grant
Sherman Crab
A10 Mk. 1 Cruiser
A10 Cruiser Mk.1A
Universal Carrier Mk.II
A9 Cruiser
Morris Quad Mk. II
Morris Quad Mk III
Grant CDL
Humber Scout Car
Universal Carrier Mk II MMG
Achilles 17pdr Self propelled gun
M3 Gun Motor Carriage
Sexton II
WW1 B type lorry
LVT Buffalo
Lanchester AC
Sherman ARV Mk II
Leyland Retriever
Bedford QLR
Bedford 15cwt water bowser
Daimler Dingo
Lee tank
Austin 1918 Armoured Car
Bedford MWD
Burma M3 Lee
Fordson WOT 8
Valentine III
4 x 2 GS Truck
C8 Tractor
Ferret Mk. 2
1920 Pattern Rolls Royce