FW 190 Diorama
FW190d 1/48 scale diorama.- "Will the Amis Come Today?"
This is a hypothetical scene "somewhere in Germany" in autumn 1944. I have tried to create a scene with interest and atmosphere, rather than strict historical accuracy.
This is only my second diorama, and there is still room for improvement, especially painting 1/48 scale figures!
Aircraft and vehicles: Tamiya.
Figures: Tamiya, IPC and Dragon
Trees etc- Model railway.
Terrain: Poly foam and plaster.
Timber: balsa wood
FW 190 Diorama
Albatros D.V
Albatros DV 1/24 scale.
This is a scratch-built model I started around thirty years ago, put to one side (for twenty years!) and finally finished about four years back. The structure is mainly wood, with the engine, struts etc made of metal- no plastic. The only "commercial" parts are the tyres, which are from Meccano! It is to 1/24th scale, from an Aeromodeller 3-view scale drawing.
Albatros D.V