Model Gallery
Models made by our currently active club members are shown in the galleries below.
Our modellers and our models range from national competition winners through to those who simply enjoy putting together kits to their own standards for their own enjoyment.
We're all at different levels and all enjoy the hobby, so don't be put off just because you are a beginner or do not want to enter competitions - this doesn't matter to us.

Some of our model makers have included details in their captions which accompany the photo of their model.

If you want to know more about a particular model, see the "About the Club" page for our contact email ID or click on the link on the homepage and the message will be forwarded to the relevant modeller.
Better still, come and see us in person if you can, either on a club night or at a show.
Alan Hausmann
Arni Wookey
Bob Locke
Chris King
Chris Royle
Dave Haskell
Dave Turner
Graham Clarke
Graham James
Graham Tuer
Iain Darby
Ian Gill
Jake Thomas
John Silvester
John Tucker
Les Clancy
Marc Platt
Marcos Constantinou
Martin Humphrey
Mark Inman
Peter Webb
Richard Walsh
Seb Talaga
Steve Hall
Past Members Models