Our experiences and model displays at the Abingdon IPMS model shows ...

2017 - 30th September

Dave T, Les and Graham J ventured out on a lovely Autumnal day to this year's show and offered up 28 models for inspection - quality not quantity some would say, except we can't find them to quote them directly! We had a few enquiries about modelling techniques and a few comments about inaccuracies in some of our models. You can always rely on a rivet counter when you need one. As usual, faultless organisation and a warm welcome.

2016 - 1st October

A misty Autumnal morning saw Chris K, Tim Ev, Les, Ian and Graham J head west and north to this year's show. An early arrival gave us lots of time to do the set-up and we were ready to go half hour before opening time. The organisers then came along and asked us if we would like to extend our display to the table next door due to a no-show. Fortunately Ian had a few extra models and we duly obliged. Once again it was a quiet show, allowing us plently of time to source some bargains (not as many as we would have liked) and talk to our felllow modellers from other clubs. As usual, faultless organisation, it's just a shame that they cannot get more visitors in through the door.

2015 - 3rd October

An early start saw Chairman Dave and Richard set off for the show. There was a good mix of traders and clubs turning out to make an impressive show for both public and the modellers. Our table saw a mixture of 1/35 scale Armour from Dave and 1/32 scale planes courtesy of Richard. The show was busy in the morning but tailed-off in the afternoon, but that just gave the modellers more space to stand around chatting to each other. Photos for the show taken by Chairman Dave on his phone. [He forget to take his camera].

2014 - 4th October

Les comments "The show was attended by Les Clancy and Dave Turner and as usual was fairly quiet, although there were a good number of traders and clubs present, unlike the burger van which failed to put in an appearance, much to everyone's dismay. Although we had been promised 12 feet of table space, it looked much more like 16 which we managed to fill. The best club display was won once again by our colleagues from Farnborough and was well deserved." Graham C also came along to the show and spent a couple of hours with us. Photos taken by Les Clancy.

2013 - 5th October

Tony, Les, Brian and Graham J from the club travelled to the show. We were in the same location as last year - right next to the entrance to the show and the burger van. Its amazing how the brain can be so easily distracted from the task of setting up when the smell of bacon rolls wafts in through the building. However, we succeeded ans sat down to wait for the visitors. There seemed to be a few more than last year, but it is still a small show. Shame really, as the host club makes every effort to make everyone welcome and for things to run as efficiently as possible.

We had around 30 models in the display - a few were moved into the competition area during the morning. Brian, Tony and Tony's son had a number of successes in this competition and we were awarded the trophy for best club stand - beating our good friends at IPMS Farnborough, amongst others. Seems we have to add cup polishing now to our range of modelling skills - well, let's say that Tony has to! Makes a change to come away from a show with something other than the next loft warmer. to add cup polishing now to our range of modelling skills - well, let's say that Tony has to! Makes a change to come away from a show with something other than the next loft warmer.

2012 - October 6th

A small display for a small show with sadly a small number of visitors this year. Perhaps people found other things to do on a mild and sunny Autumn day? Les, Dave, Rick and Graham travelled to the show and presented 35 models in the armour and aircraft genres. You'll also notice we went banner free on the table this time, so a quietly understated display. It was also quiet because Brian's Zero was not there to be started up every 10 minutes! You'll notice we have used our new acrylic display stands to vary the height of some models and break the monotony of single level presentation. Thanks to all the visitors who stopped by for a chat and kept us entertained.
Abingdon 2017 01
Dave T, Les and Graham J put on a full table of models for Abingdon 2017 show
Abingdon 2017 01
Abingdon 2017 02
Grahams selection of models (what no egg planes ?)
Abingdon 2017 02
Abingdon 2017 03
Dave T's selection of American naval aviation
Abingdon 2017 03
Abingdon 2017 04
Graham's and Les's armour models
Abingdon 2017 04
Abingdon 2017 05
More of Les's armour models
Abingdon 2017 05
Abingdon 2017 06
Our 2017 display
Abingdon 2017 06
Abingdon 2017 07
Our 2017 display from the other end
Abingdon 2017 07
Our first attempt at our display table, before we were offered to expand to the empty table on the right as you look ...
Display table take 2 - a bit more space ...
The overflow display - mainly populated by Ian's models and a couple from Tim Ev ...
Chris K's section - not that you probably need to be told this now - and a couple from Graham J ...
Les with his armour [We're still waiting for those grey F-16s to appear ] ...
Harriers. Hmm, wonder who put those there? ...
A couple of models from Tim Ev and the rest from Ian ...
Tim Ev, Ian and Graham J adding some variety ...
And finally Ian rounds off the display with this interesting mixture.
Our table at the 2015 show, courtesy of Chairman Dave and Richard.
Unfortunately only two of us from the club could attend ...
... but still a nice display of armour and aircraft ...
... oh, and a bit of sci-fi ...
A close-up of Richard's aircraft
... and another one ...
... and last but not least
2014 Show - Our table for the show, put together by Les and Dave T
Dave T got the opportunity to dust off some of his older models, and no-one was any the worse for seeing them!
Dave T's more recent Tracker and Viking
Dave T's P-61A completes the aircraft line-up
Les had plenty of room this time for his armour collection
The Wasp Mk IIC and Vickers Light Tank complete the armoured column.
2013 Show - Ready for action - including a few under the table kit sales
The armour section, courtesy of Les
Moving onwards and upwards
Flying the colours
Some more diversity
Always room for a few more Harriers
What do you reckon chaps? ...
... Good enough to win a prize, I say.
2012 Show - Our table at the IPMS Abingdon show on Saturday 6th October.
A smaller collection than usual. Note no banner this time, we went for the modest advertising approach.
2012 Show - Les set up his models at one end ...
Rick and Graham took the centre ground with aircraft ...
And Dave took the other end with more armour.