Our experiences and model displays at the Avon IPMS model shows ...

2017 - 13th August

Six of us headed west for this year's Avon Model Show: Chairman Dave W, Les C, Dave T, Graham J, Chris K and Tim E.
This was a very good show and well run. We were made very welcome by our hosts, it was also good to catch up with friends from the modelling world, including our old chairman Tony H.

There was a good attendance with lots of interest shown in our display. We all had a good time, with Graham buying a kit or two despite his protestations that he was hunting for tools? Bargains were had by all and Tim resisted the urge to buy something big! just.
During the more relaxed periods, Les was able to expand on his secret love of the F-16 to chairman Dave.

2016 - 7th August

Four of us headed west for this year's Avon Model Show: Chris K, Dave T, Graham J and Les. With only the four of us, we had room to spread the display over the two tables we were allocated. Sadly the show was spread out too, with numbers appearing to be down from last year and it had quite a slow start. A shame really, as this is a good show and well run and we are always made welcome. More traditional summer weather - i.e. cloud and rain, may have pushed numbers up, but we had warmth and sunshine for a change.

Irrespective of attendance numbers, we had a good time. During the more relaxed periods, Les was able to expand on his secret love of war gaming, having had a look at the various battles being enacted in Halls 1 and 2. More surprising was his appreciation of the F-16 and the display by the SIG, being particularly enamoured with the regular Viper schemes. All his references to "shades of grey" did make us wonder if he'd been confusing a recent best seller with USAF tactical camouflage schemes.

2015 - 9th August

Seven of us made the trip west this year, though Tony and Brian manned the Farnborough stand, as the club could only muster one other club member from 50+ to represent them. (Tut, tut, what is the world coming to?). Their reduced numbers did allow us to gain some extra table space, which is why the display looks a bit "stretched". If we'd have known we had more space, we would have brought more models!

Chairman Dave, Dave H, Chris K, Graham C and Graham J looked after our table during the proceedings and thus the models were split on strictly partisan lines: Subs and Sci-Fi; Ships; Armour; Aircraft and never the twain shall meet. It does mean there's usually something for everyone to look at.

It felt as those it was a much quieter show last year with regard to visitor numbers and visitor interactions. Yes, the folks on Britmodeller all had a good chat once they'd identified themselves with the secret handshakes and user names, but the general public seemed to be outnumbered by them and exhibitors. It is the middle of the school holidays and we have had some good weather recently, so perhaps models are not top of the agenda. Nevertheless, a generally good time was had and as ever it's fascinating to see the wargamers in action - though sometimes it looked distinctly like inaction.

In the show competition, Tony won first in class for his HMS Warspite and Dave H got a silver in the same class for his USS Chevalier (a Gearing-class destroyer). Congratulations to you both. Here are a few photographs of the table display ...

2014 - 10th August

Dave T, Dave W (hereafter "t'Dave") and Graham J made the trip westwards down the M4 to represent the club. The remnants of Hurricane Bertha threatened to put a bit of a damper on the day, but it appeared both clubs / traders and the public were prepared to ignore the weather and make a go of it. With only three of us, we worried about filling the table, but I think we managed to acquit ourselves and put on a reasonably varied spread. Our general view is that many of these shows, and this was no exception, now seem to be more about grabbing bargains from traders and "under the table" sales than actually looking at, and asking about, the models. Seems a shame when the quality of models presented by all clubs is increasing year-on-year.

T'Dave decided to rope me into judging in the Miscellaneous Class of the competition. Thanks t'Dave, but no thanks next time. He thought it would be easy with only three models, but it was anything but. I don't envy anyone who has to judge these models - there were some fantastic entries and few out-and-out obvious winners. Anyway, enough of all that, on with the photographs ...

2013 - 11th August

Space is at a premium now as model sizes seem to increase with every show. Perhaps we need to build some 1/144 scale models. Congratulations to Tony Horton (2nd for his HMS Richmond) and Brian Boot (1st for Focke Wulf FW190 and 2nd for his Taisho Japanese Commander) for their success in the competition.

2012 - 12th August

For a change, we left the models grouped by their makers. Congratulations to Dave Haskell, Dave Turner and Brian Boot for their success in the competition.

2011- 21st August

Tony, Dave H and Les represented the club. Photos taken by Dave Haskell.
2017 Avon
2017 Avon display
2017 Avon
Avon 2017 banter
Chairman Dave and Les discussing, Les's upcoming F-16 project and what grey to use.
While Tim and Dave T discuss Schnellboot size.
Avon 2017 banter
A selection of models from Chairman Dave, Chris K, Graham J and Les.
A selection of models from Les, Bob L and Graham J.
A selection of models from Les and Graham J.
A selection of models from Graham J, Tim, Dave T and Chris K.
A selection of models from Tim and Chris K.
Fun Boy Three - Les, Dave T and Chris K ready to repel rivet counters at the 2016 show
The armour selection provided by Les
US Navy aircraft from Dave T
Odds and ends from Graham J
Nautical and SF from Chris K
2015 Show: Chairman Dave checks last minute details ...
Chairman Dave's armour collection and Graham J's aircraft, with a few of Dave H's models in the mix.
Chris K's submarines, figures and Sci-Fi, together with Dave H's ships
A bit closesr inspection
Dave H's fleet
The section to keep the armour boys happy
And for the aircraft fans ... as ever the eggs raised a few smiles and one or two unwelcome prods from little fingers.
Chairman Dave and Dave H contemplate the meaning of life ... or was it wargaming ... before the crowds turn up!
And here's a view from the other end, with the Farnborough stand behind.
2014 Show - Our table and not-quite-under-the-table kit sales!
WW1 and Harriers - I wonder who had this end of the table?
Armour and Sci-Fi from t'Dave
Dave T's selection - with a fill-in of Graham J's WW1 and Egggs after Dave T's S-2E Tracker went tech with an undercarriage failure - what a shame!
Child's eye view - and there were a few throughout the day
Another view of the t'Dave's targets (hehe!)
14 aircraft - all with approximately the same take-off run!
Dave T and t'Dave ready to frighten the natives!
2013 Show - The heavy armour protects our display from the main thoroughfare
The centre of the display
Brian's mixed collection, all peacefully quiet
Dave T surverys the table from the viewer's side
All set and ready to go
Another view of the armour from Les
Turboprops held centre stage
2012 Show - Our table at the show held in Yate. 36 models on display covering the three major genre; aircraft, ships and armour
Dave Wardle's display of armour under the watchful eye of his Klingon Bird of Prey
Graham James' display of 1/48 scale Harriers and his 1/144 scale aircraft and SR-71 Hasegawa egg plane
Dave Haskell's naval display with a battleship, U-boats and a Seafire
Dave Haskell's navy theme continues ... including perhaps what sailors think about on those long nights away from home?
Dave Haskell sneaks in another ship in front of Dave Turner's FW-190 and Brian's Zero
Dave Turner's FW-190 with Brian's aircraft collection, including "Little Nelly"
Rounding off the display, Brian's new Valiant and Lightning with some old favourites
2011 Show - The aircraft section - Canberra, F-5s and A-10
The ship section
Centre-piece of the display
The armour section
And yet more armour section