Our experiences and model displays at the Barnet IPMS model shows at the RAF Museum, Hendon ...

2014 - 11th May

A new location for us this year by the Lockheed Hudson (The Hudson Mk I began squadron service with the RAF Coastal Command's No. 224 Squadron in the Summer of 1939. By September, No. 233 Squadron was similarly equipped, while No. 220 Squadron had begun to replace its Avro Ansons with the Hudson Mk III. Not long after war broke out, Hudsons also equipped No. 206 and 269 Squadrons. These squadrons all flew maritime patrol and anti-shipping sorties from the British Isles. Additional squadrons were formed during the war until the RAF saw a peak of 17 Hudson squadrons. Other Hudsons flew reconnaissance missions over Germany, occupied Europe, and (in civil registration) southern parts of the Soviet Union.)

The general consensus amongst the club members who attended (Dave W, Tony, Brian, Martin and Graham) and fellow model-makers we spoke to was that this show was significantly busier than last year. Perhaps it was the chance to see the BBMF Lanacaster flypast as an added bonus? If that was the reason, many will have been disappointed as it did not fly due to the rather blustery wind. Whatever the reason, it was good to see increased attendance - well done IPMS Barnet for making sure everything ran smoothly for all exhibitors. The usual worries of little hands reaching across the table were present, but fortunately we did not have to remove any fingers of miscreants, thus leaving the sprue cutters unused for another year. In fact, table manners were better than at some out-and-out model shows.

We managed to squeeze 35 models onto the table, covering a number of genres as per usual. A number of people commented on the variety as well as the quality and a few of the club's business cards found their way into pockets and bags. Dave's sci-fi models were quite popular, and a number of ladies were overheard describing Graham's egg planes as "cute". Dave was quick to point out that it was in fact the model and not me being described in this way.

Brian, Tony and Martin entered in the competition with only Brian having some success with a runners-up award for his Duesenberg and winning a subscription to a modelling magazine for his Javelin. Well done Brian.

2013 - 19th May

We returned to the spot we occupied last year, namely next to the Canberra and with our mates from IPMS Farnborough to our left. The show is a change to the usual: traders are in their own little room and there are more non-modellers in attendance than usual. A chance then to have some variation in the conversations about the merits, or otherwise, of particular manufacturers' latest offerings. It's not exactly a scientific poll, but it does seem the model making community's ranks are largely being swelled by the lost generation of modellers who are now returning to the hobby in their fifties. The occasional small hand does of a child does reach out to touch a model every now and then, so we try and best not to discourage them. Sadly even some bigger ones do as well, but we survived unscathed and no damage was done to the models. Brian entertained the crowds with the Zero's repertoire of engine noises and during the intermissions we had the chance to talk to some visitors to the table. A novelty of today's show was an evacuation of the building due to a fire alarm being set off erroneously. Most wags attributed this to all the hot air being created at the IPMS AGM, but we couldn't possibly comment.

We had a few new models on the table and a few of them generated some interest for different reasons. Tony's A400M for its sheer size and colour scheme, Graham's Hunter going through Tower Bridge - "did the pilot really do that?" - and Brian's 1953 model of the "Chris Craft" - "how old is that?", the latter being a reference to the kit and not sprightly young Brian himself. To all those who stopped by for a chat - thank you - and perhaps we might see some of you at our next club night? Tony was successful in the competition with his HMS Howe model. Brian and Martin were not so lucky this time.

2012 - 20th May

With the traders occupying their own area and the display tables spread across multiple halls, it appeared to be a relatively quiet show. However, we had a fair few visitors with a variety of questions and topics to discuss. A few visitors also expressed an interest in joining the club, so we look forward to seeing them at the next meeting.
2014 Show - Our table in front of the Hudson. (Note the green cast in the photos is caused by the fluorescent lighting, such as it is, beyond the range of the flash).
Zooming in to the invitable Harrier section when Graham is at a show
Centre stage
I believe there were some discussions around the "correct" colour for the Battlestars.
A giraffe's eye view, not that we spotted any
Where are the team? I tell them to keep out of the way, too distracting!
This is Dave after I told him tanks are targets
2013 Show - Our table for the show ... complete with the use of the new acrylic stands (compare with last year's show)
The six month challenge models and the dioaramas went down well with the visitors
Centre stage left
Centre stage right
Last but not least ... and as you can see, an interesting mix of subjects across the table
From behind the scenes
Centre piece - Tony's A400M
Another view of the whole table
A junior's eye view
Eye-to-eye with Martin's figures
Finally ... a close-up of Tony's A400M showing the club's colours and logo
Flt Lt Alan Pollock questions "Do my wings look big in this?"
Brian and Graham hang on Martin's every word
2012 Show - The table of models beside the Canberra at the show
A variety of camouflage
The Avro and Hunter take centre stage
A variety of models to engage most modellers
Brian Boot's recently completed Victor and another of Martin Humphrey's intriguing dioramas
How a young modeller would see our display as they approached it
A couple of eye-catching Butcher Birds from Dave Turner