Our experiences and model displays at the Bugle Call model shows ...


Les again attended BMSS Bugle Call, 2014 on behalf of the club. Les comments "The long drive to Bath once again to attend what is a very good show with a very high standard, particularly where figures are concerned. I set up my solo effort once again that even had 8 new models since last year which proves I must have been doing something. The show was fairly well attended but as with all shows the attendance drops off after lunchtime. Still a good time was had by all, not least my wife and daughters who were Xmas shopping."


Les attended Bugle Call, 2013. Les comments "The show was held on a sunny day in Bath and although the attendance wasn't heavy, the standard of models was extremely high. I attended on my own representing the club and displayed 20 models with a British armour theme. 10 were tanks and the rest were carriers and armoured cars, which I have been concentrating on lately. As usual, it was a thoroughly enjoyable show. (And my wife and daughter enjoyed their day Xmas shopping.)" The last bit being equally important in obtain model-making nirvana. Looks like Les will be going back next year. Photos taken by Les Clancy.
2014 Show - The display Les presented
Bugle Call 2014-002
Sherman ARV Mk.1
Bugle Call 2014-003
Tanks have changed a bit since WW1, that's for sure!
2013 Show - Notice our new light-weight re-designed club banner!
Bugle Call 2013-003
Just in case you had any doubts as to what you are looking at.
Bugle Call 2013-004
All the models have been built by Les
Bugle Call 2013-002
Waiting for the bugle to sound
Bugle Call 2013-005
Time for action Les - look sharp!