Our experiences and model displays at the Farnborough IPMS model shows ("ModelFest") held at Kings International College, Watchetts Drive, Camberley, Surrey ...

2017 - 16th September

Les, Martin, Bob and Graham J represented the club at this year's show, though Bob was too modest to display his models. Alan made a visit in the afternoon to say hello. Between us we managed to put over 50 models on the table and received our fair share of attention from visitors and exhibitors alike. We caught up with a few old friends and managed to avoid buying any additional loft insulation this time.

2016 - 24th September

Les, Dave T, Martin, Ed, Matthew and Brian braved the M3 "Smart Motorway" road works to represent the club at this year's ModelFest. Dave T and Les formed the advanced party to set up the table. I'm told they started to panic at around 9.30 - with thirty minutes to show opening - because they only had their models on a table 18 feet long. Cue the cavalry - with Martin, Ed, Matthew and Brian strolling in and filling the gap just in time for show opening. As usual it was a very busy show that stayed pretty lively right up to 4pm, which is unusual for most shows. Clearly our friends at IPMS Farnborough have done a good job yet again.

It was nice to see Brian make a return to the show table, because we've missed the flashing lights, mega-bass sound systems and air-conditioning propellor whirring of Brian's collection. Whatever else you may think of this aspect of modelling, it sure generates a lot of attention. You can take the modeller aout of the boy, but you can't take the boy out of the modeller it would seem. Brian's newly completed Alfa Romeo was a big hit with the punters. I'm told Brian had his cheque book ready to splash out on an expensive Zoukei Mura kit and loads of Eduard Big-Ed sets.

Overall, it appears a good time was had by all. Thanks to Ed for providing photos and Dave and Les an update on events. [There's some interesting camera angles as you can see - I wonder what they put in the coffee down there?].

2015 - 19th September

Photographs and words courtesy of Chris K and Dave T - thanks chaps.

Eight club members - Les, Martin, Mark, Chris K, Michael, Christian, Ian and Dave T presented models for display at this year's show. Last year we were in the main hall, this year we were back in the corridor and the promosed 18 feet of table space had shrunk to 12 feet. It must have been something we said - maybe they'll make it up to us next year? [Apparently Farnborough were oversubscribed for table space - there seemed to be more traders than previous years.] Eight modellers and 12 feet of space meant some sacrifices had to be made on the numbers front, but we were able to show off a diverse range of models which elicited a lot of interest from the show visitors - some of whom took away details of the club. All of us had a good day out with each in turn answering many questions. A few bargains were had and much money spent on our hobby. Iif Mark is not seen at our next club night, we will all know why! On the whole a good relaxed show with a great atmosphere, though visitor numbers tailed off in the afternoon, like they do at most model shows. Hopefully they will have raised a good sum of money for the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice.

2014 - 20th September

Five of us represented the club at the show: Tony H; Les; Martin; Aaron; and Graham J. Graham C and Mark also came down to see the show in the afternoon. We were placed in one of the main halls this year instead of the corridor, which proved to be hazardous at times for the models as space behind the tables was very cramped. No doubt this was to allow for the hordes of visitors expected to pack the aisles. Disappointingly this was not to be, though there was enough traffic to stop people falling asleep, even if it did not stop them spending money. Indeed, Les purchased some "wet mud" and "dry mud" much to the amusement of Graham J, who wondered if there is no bounds to what a modeller might buy in searching for the ultimate model build. There were no successes and failures to report in the competition, because ModelFest does not have one. After the re-construction of the college to its normal layout, we made the trip safely back home, energised to complete our 6 Month Challenge models (okay, I can only hope).

2013 - 21st September

In attendance for west Middlesex were Tony Horton, Les Clancy, Dave Turner and Martin Humphrey. We had visits from fellow club members Dave Wardle and David Haskell. It was good to see Dave Haskell up and about again after four months of being incapacitated by his knee problems. Unfortunately Brian Boot was not able to attend due some home improvements being carried out at the modelling house - more shelf space for more kits no doubt. This made things a little sparse on the tables but we managed to display outstanding models and created some interest with the visitors. The photos concentrate on the models of Les Clancy and Martin Humphreys. Les with his collection of universal carriers and Martin with his funky dioramas. Looking forward to next year already. Tony Horton

2012 - 22nd September

We were located in our usual position - the corridor between the two main halls - so a good place to be and well lit, showing the models off to good advantage. Between the 6 of us, we managed to put 47 models on the table. Whenever it looked like someone would walk by without stopping, Brian switched on his motorised and sound-enabled Zero fighter, which usually brought them to as sudden halt. I'm sure there were a few questions asked with expletives, but it did the trick. Great fun was had by all - except during the Zero sound-effects - and we hope IPMS Farnborough have raised lots of money for the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice. For those who stopped by for a chat - thanks - and we hope to see you again.

2011 - 17th September

We attended with 6 members of the club and we staged a varied display which attracted lots of interest from the attendees. Modelfest was a success again this year, with visitor numbers up from last year. Our club members were on hand to help out our sister club with the set-up and clear-down of the show. Photos taken by Dave Haskell and Tony Horton.
MF 2017 Show
2017 table at Farnborough
MF 2017 Show
MF 2017 02
A selection of Les's armour
MF 2017 02
MF 2017-03
Martin's diorama's with a smattering of Graham's egg planes
MF 2017-03
MF 2017-04
Martin's diorama's with a more of Graham's egg planes
MF 2017-04
MF 2017-05
Graham's WW1 fighter selection
MF 2017-05
2016 Show
2016 Show - Les, Dave T and Brian chew the cud (photo - Ed)
2016 Show
Dave T's collection about to be attacked by the wandering finger problem common to all model shows (photo - Ed)
And at the other end of the table is Les with his armour collection, neatly arranged in a double column as per usual (photo - Ed)
And the middle section with models from Martin, Brian, Ed and Matthew (photo - Ed)
I think Les must now have more armoured vehicles than the current British Army? (photo - Ed)
Martin's dioramas - always intriguing and always raising a laugh (photo - Ed)
Brian's latest set of car models (photo - Ed)
"Little Nelly" (photo - Ed)
Brian's aircraft collection (photo - Ed)
Some more of Brian's models, together wuth those of Ed and Matthew (photo - Ed)
Eyes down and look in. (photo - Ed)
2015 Show
2015 Show - The final display - after a shuffle or two for late arrivals (photo - Chris K)
2015 Show
Subs and Sci-Fi, it must be Chris K's collection (photo - Chris K)
Ah, aircraft - Mark and Dave T take a bow (photo - Chris K)
Ian adds a few more to the aircraft collection (photo - Chris K)
Armour - must be Les and Michael's models (photo - Chris K)
Last but not least, Martin's eclectic collection of figures and dioramas (photo - Chris K)
The submarines in more detail (photo - Chris K)
Er yes, that is a bomb! Sort-of! (photo - Chris K)
Michael and Dave T during a quiet moment. (photo - Chris K)
The low down view (photo - Michael)
And from the other end (photo - Michael)
There were these four geezers sittign at a table when .... (photo - Michael)
2014 Show
2014 Show - Our display table
2014 Show
Les provided all the armour models, except for the sole entry by Tony H (Supacat HMT 400 Jackal)
Tony upped the Harrier competition stakes with this version of the Trumpeter 1/32nd scale kit in the 1(F) Sqdn disbandment scheme.
Martin's dioramas with Tony's aircraft and Graham J's Harriers
The silly end of the table - some WW1 aircraft, four egg planes and the Cutty Sark
Another view of the armoured columns
Centre stage
Slightly different angle, same result - walk on by.
2013 Show
2013 Show
2013 Show
Breathing space on our table - for a change!
Dave casts a critical eye on the layout
First show of interest
2012 Show
2012 Show - The full table display
2012 Show
The "armour" section provided by Les
WW1, WW2 and up to today
Centre stage to Tony's HMS Howe
An eclectic mix of models - mainly Brian's and Martin's
The view from the other direction
Looking from above - 1
Looking from above - 2
Looking from above - 3
Looking from above - 4
Looking from above - 5
2011 Show
Our table at the Farnborough ModelFest 2011
2011 Show
Our table at the Farnborough ModelFest 2011
Our table at the Farnborough ModelFest 2011
The armour section
The planes section
More planes
Steam power meets jet power - Hunter T.7 and Trevithick's Locomotive of 1804 (both By Brian Boot)
Brian Boot''s Me 110, Sea Vixen and UC-43
What-if: Merlin GR.3 (a.k.a General Dynamics F-111K) by tony Horton
Submarines, battleships and motor boats by Dave Haskell
King George V battleship by Dave Haskell
Armour on the move
A selection of Churchill tanks by Les Clancy
More armour from Les Clancy
Something different - dioramas from Martin Humphrey
A-10, Canberra, F-104 and F-5 by Tony Horton
Hunter T.12 and F-5 by Tony Horton