Our experiences and model displays at the Museum of Army Flying model shows at Middle Wallop ...

2017 - 19th November

Bob L, Dave T, Les, Dave H and Martin braved the trip to Middle Wallop and hosted our display at this year's show. Dave T said "This was a good, friendly venue with plenty of visitors in the museum.We had plenty of interest in our models". Thanks to Dave H for taking the photos.

2016 - 20th November

Bob L, Dave T, Les and Martin hosted our display at this year's show, with Chris K paying a flying visit. Dave T reports "This was a good, friendly venue with plenty of visitors in the museum up to about 2.30pm. Traders were a bit thin on the ground and were mostly the ones who deal with old kits. We had plenty of interest for our models so the day seemed to pass quickly! Good cafe and Martin and I treated ourselves to a chicken korma for lunch!" As usual, Martin's lighting rig added some much needed light to the table. Thanks to Chris K for taking the photos.

2015 - 22nd November

Dave W, Dave T, Ed, Matthew, Martin, Les and Chris K represented the club at this year's show. This year we had 33% extra space to fill, which we managed to do with our usual variety of genres and subjects. It turned out to be quite a busy show, only tailing off in the last hour. Once again Martin's lighting rig came to the rescue as the museum's lighting is more suited to restful repose than detailed examination of subjects in the spotlight. The chaps sold a few items, picked up some bargains and had a few chats with visitors. All-in-all, another good show and the chaps are keen to return next year. Perhaps we need a helicopter or two on the table next time? Thanks to Chris K and Ed who took the photos.

2014 - 23rd November

Martin, the three Daves (H, W and T) and Graham drove down the M3 to represent the club at this small and friendly model show at the museum. The show was pretty busy in the morning, but tailed off quite dramatically after lunch, though this is not entirely unexpected. With a broad range of kits on show, from the serious to the funny, from the well made to the thrown together (the egg planes), we attracted a good range of visitors and had a number of interesting conversations. As with the other museum based shows, it is nice that we get to meet and talk to more occasional or non-modellers than is true of the club based shows. It makes for a pleasant change in the subjects of the conversations. All-in-all, a good show, well hosted, no hassle and it was warm inside! Here's what you would have seen had you been there ...

2013 - 24th November

Martin and the three Daves from the club travelled to the show and displayed their models. As you can see, we had a varied collection of models. The show was small, friendly and hopefully will become established on the circuit. We certainly intend to attend next year. Photos taken by Dave Haskell.
MAF2017 01
Middle Wallop 2017 model display, looks like Bob has put Les to sleep.
MAF2017 01
MAF2017 02
A selection of Martin's & Dave H's models
MAF2017 02
MAF2017 03
Dave H's and Les's models. Bob and Les in the background, a rivetting conversation?
MAF2017 03
MAF2017 04
Dave t's models
MAF2017 04
MAF2017 05
Close-ups of Dave T's cats.
MAF2017 05
MAF2017 06
More of Dave T's aircraft
MAF2017 06
MAF2017 07
Bob and Les's armour
MAF2017 07
MAF2017 08
Dave H's warship with more of Les's armour
MAF2017 08
MAF2017 09
Dave H's armour and fantasy figure
MAF2017 09
MAF2017 10
A selection of Martin's dioramas, Dave H's fantasy females and armour
MAF2017 10
2015 Show - All set to go. Is that Dave T attempting to hide a kit purchase in case the missus finds out?
Middle Wallop 2016-001
It wouldn't be Middle Wallop without a display of armour from Les ...
Middle Wallop 2016-002
And a few more [sorry this one's a bit blurred] ...
Middle Wallop 2016-003
And the last ones ...
Middle Wallop 2016-004
A few aircraft from Dave T ...
Middle Wallop 2016-005
And some of Martin's dioramas ...
Middle Wallop 2016-006
As you can see we had a few less models that normal for our displays. "Quality not quantity" the boys cry ...
Middle Wallop 2016-007
Lastly a selection from Chris K.
Middle Wallop 2016-009
Dave T more relaxed, having hid the purchase. Les is bemoaning the fact the F-16 Viper SIG have not put in an appearance.
2015 Show - Our table all set and raring to go, all 18 feet of it. Note the obligatory under the table sale of kits and books - de rigeur these days at model shows.
Middle Wallop 2015-002
If it;s Middle Wallop, there must be armour!
Middle Wallop 2015-003
... and submarines and sci-fi ...
Middle Wallop 2015-004
... and a bit more armour ...
Middle Wallop 2015-005
Back along the table, in case you've forgotten already ...
Middle Wallop 2015-006
... moving on to ... Oh Dear! More armour ...
Middle Wallop 2015-007
... Ah, that's better, some variety ...
Middle Wallop 2015-008
... and finally some winged things.
Middle Wallop 2015-009
Oh look, it's all that armour again!
Middle Wallop 2015-011
Come on lads, be serious!
Middle Wallop 2015-012
That's a bit better. Now all we need are some visitors! Thanks to Chris and Ed for taking the photos.
2014 Show - Dave H is ready, not sure about Dave W, but then we've never been sure about t'Dave! He may have spotted some dodgy looking characters approaching - Dave T and Martin.
Middle Wallop 2014-002
The wingy-thing end of the table with models provided by Dave T and Graham
Middle Wallop 2014-003
Dave H's ships and Martin's dioramas get centre stage at this show
Middle Wallop 2014-004
More ships and tar, sorry tanks, complete the line-up, along with the obligatory under-the-table kit sales
Middle Wallop 2014-005
Table ready, off to find some goodies and suffer a bit of RKI (Repetitive Kit Injury) caused by constantly bending down to pick up kits whilst muttering "Do I need another kit for loft insulation? / Cor, look how much they want for this / Is this the one with the okey-cokey fit first implemented in 1944 by the First Armoured Boot when they met the ....." (delete as applicable)
Middle Wallop 2014-006
The view from the height of some of our smaller visitors
Middle Wallop 2014-007
I've been told that you need to note the red gun barrel. Very important. If you think the colour is wrong, speak to Dave W and t'Dave, who will out you right.
Middle Wallop 2014-008
Egg ships make an appearance alongside egg planes for the first time - in fact, there was a group build diorama by t'Dave and Graham which was accompanied by a repetitive droning coming from the other end of the table that sounded like "I told you not to build one of them"
Middle Wallop 2014-009
Egg planes and ships - the yolks are definitely on us. There was supposed to be a second Zero in the diorama, but t'Dave's attempt to glue the wing on led to a serious structural failure - not t'Dave's belt snapping, but a melt down of the wing and fuselage. The use of industrial strength glue does explain a lot of things about t'Dave. We can still hear Dave H muttering, even now.
2013 Show - The righ hand side of the table
Middle Wallop 2013-003
The left hand side of the table
Middle Wallop 2013-001
Our table, showing off our new club banner.
Middle Wallop 2013-004
Table centre
Middle Wallop 2013-002
The room was lacking in bright light!