Our experiences and model displays at the ModelKraft show, ran by Milton Keynes Scale Model Club ...

2017 - 23rd April

This was our second visit as a club to this show. Dave T, Dave W, Les, Graham J, Tim Earley, Bob and Martin made the short journey northward up the M1 to Milton Keynes.

We managed to table 43 assorted models for display and were located in Hall 2 which was very busy during the morning tapering off into the afternoon (which is usual at shows). All were asked about their respective models during the day with a lot of interest in Martin's diorama's and Grahams egg planes.
An enjoyable day out, much friendly banter, Dave W and Les succumbing to model purchases of all things, would you believe it?
Looking forward to returning next year and making this a permanent fixture on our show calendar.

Many thanks to Milton Keynes Scale Model Club (IPMS) for their hospitality and great organistion of the show.

Also the club handed over some paints and other model materials to Malcolm who runs Models for Heroes. (www.modelsforheroes.co.uk) a very worthy endeavour.

2016 - 24th April

This was our first visit as a club to this show (least I think so, happy to be corrected) and Dave T, Dave W, Les and Graham J made the journey up the M1 to deepest, darkest Milton Keynes, a rare foray so far north for the club. Luckily we had Chairman Dave on hand to guide us.

Although we only had a single depth, double width table, we still managed to get 56 models out for display - helped by those annoying little egg planes that seem to gain a lot of attention. Anyone would think they were proper models. We managed to stop a few people for a chat on various subjects and there was a reasonable number of visitors to the show, we thought. An enjoyable day out, not too much stress on the wallets and we're likely to be back next year.

Thanks to Milton Keynes Scale Model Club (IPMS) for their hospitality and efficient organistion of the show. Thanks to Radleigh Bushell of RB Model Werx for taking a photograph of the Grumman Avenger Eggplane that was published in the August 2016 edition of Scale Aircraft Modelling magazine.
ModelKraft 2017 Show - Our display at this show, put together by Dave T, Dave W, Graham J, Les, Bob, Tim Earley and Martin.
Here we have models from left to right tabled by Dave W, Graham J and Martin
On this side from left to right, some more of Martin's, Dave T, Bob and Les. with our beloved President Dave T in the background.
On the left we have Dave W's armour and trucks, at the rear some scale aircraft with egg planes in the foreground, both by Graham J
On the left some more of Graham J's egg planes and the very nice Meng Lanc, with a nice selection of Martin's diorama's.
Top left a couple more of Martin's, Dave T's airplanes, some armour from Bob
and finally some of Les's armour to complete the picture.
Under starters orders - we have Les with his armour collection ...
ModelKraft 2016 Show - Our inaugural display at this show, put together by Dave T, Dave W, Graham J and Les.
Next to Dave T's aircraft ...
And then Graham J's aircraft ...
And finally Chaiman Dave's armour.