Our experiences and model displays at the Newbury IPMS model shows ("NewMod") ...

2013 - 16th February

Unusually for February, we were out on the road again for the second time in the month. The show had moved to February from June. Four of us made the trip west to fly the flag for the club. It's a small, friendly show and well organised. We managed to get 36 models onto the table this time, though it was 37 at the end as I [Graham] managed to break my 1/144 Apache putting it back in its box. Super glue and magnifying glass required.

Tony won gold with HMS Howe and Brian picked up a bronze with his Valiant in the competition. I think everyone at the show know's Brian's Zero now, as the sound of it in action reverberated around the room and often brought conversation to a standstill. It kept the children amused, which is the main thing, because they are the next generation of model makers. Well okay, apart from the 50-somethings who return to the hobby now they've kicked the children out of the house. Here are some photos of our display for the record ...

Those of you who purchase model magazines will note that our efforts at NewMod13 did not go unnoticed in the media. The April edition of the Airfix magazine sees us get a mention and three photographs: Dave T's Bf110G-4, Tony's Hunter T8 and a photo of our table. April's Model Aircraft magazine features a picture of Graham's Italian Navy AV-8B II Plus Harrier.

2012 - 2nd June

A quiet show, probably due to the clash with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and possibly the weather? However, a good day was had by all, and with a few different club members on hand, another set of models got to see the light of day amongst the regulars. Photos are by Dave Haskell and sadly he managed not to take any of his lovely Scharnhorst - modesty forbids, no doubt..
Our table at NewMod 2012. Les sits ready to receive the hordes.
Centre stage - more armour and Dave's Scharnhorst.
Brian's motorised link trainer and steam engine ready to move
Brian's Victor and the new sound breaking Zero.
Les keeps close to his armour - wise move with those aircraft next door
2013 Show - Dave prepares for the opneing attack
Dave and Graham's somewhat quieter efforts
Tony's models complete the line-up
Graham's Harrier gang with a few inflitrators
Brian prepares to switch on the Zero, which is why everyone else has run for cover.
Brian's collection of mortorised models
The NewMod13 table layout
And from the other end