Our experiences and model displays at the Poole Vikings (IPMS Dorset) model shows ...

2017 - 8th April

Chris K, Martin, Les and Graham J made the journey to this year's show to represent the club. Aside from an interesting detour off the A31 due to a bike race initiated traffic jam, it was a long but uneventful journey. The shw itself was a fairly quiet affair, but well organised and free of any hassle. We had a laugh, bought a few books and models - naturally - and even had the opportuity to look at a few models and talk to our fellow hobbyists. What more could you ask for?

2016 - 9th April

Chris K, Chairman Dave, Dave T, Les and Martin made the journey south and west to represent us at this year's show. Chris K reports that Les managed to find it without getting lost and that he and Chairman Dave were sent by their SatNav to the local crematorium. [There's a joke in there waiting to get out I'm sure - Graham J]. Lots of banter and fun behind the table apparently and it was generally regarded as a nice show, even if it was a bit light on traders. Good news of course for the wallets. We had a fair number of visitors to the table and some interesting conversations ensued.

Martin received a "Commended" for his Roxy diorama in the competition - well done. Chariman Dave and Chris K had fish and chips on the sea front - Chairman Dave thought it important you should know this. No "Best Club Display" award for us this year. [Obviously needs more aircraft - tee hee! - Graham J]

Thanks to Chris K for taking the photos and Dave T being reserve photographer.

2015 - 18th April

This was our first trip down the M3 and the A31 to the Poole Vikings Model Club model show. Les, Chris K, Dave T, Dave W (t'Dave), Martin, Michael, Christian and Graham represented us on the day with a wide variety of models - in fact we had 70 on the table eventually after a somewhat staggered start due to late arrivals. You just can't get the modellers like you used to, can you? A few re-arrangements and a bit of shuffling were all that was required, only made difficult by the fact that the venue is quite small and the club tables are quite close together - well at least they were in the hall we were in. With 70 models on the table for the display, which much be close to being an all-time record, it's a good job we had 18 feet of table space.

The show was quite busy in the morning but tailed off in the afternoon, very similar to most shows. However, it does give everyone who is behind a table time to grab the kit sale bargains, if any, in the mornings and then have a more leisurely look at the models on display in the afternoon. Time for also for a chat about the latest kits, etc.

Congratulations to Chris K for getting bronze awards in the competition for his submarines and science fiction models and Martin for his "commended" for his "Call the Midwife" diorama. However, this was eclipsed very late in the day (in fact some of us had left by then) with the award of "Best Club Display" in show to us! Well done all - there were some cracking models there, so we obviously impressed with quality and quantity.
2017 show - Chris ready for action. Fortunately for the models, the vending machines were not available for use!
Martin's diorama collection ...
Graham J's mix ...
Les shows off the latest armour ...
And Chris K with his collection.
2016 Show - Our display, starting at the front left with models from Les ...
... and a few more from Les ...
and Dave T's collection of aircraft ...
... moving on to Martin's dioramas ...
... in turn moving to the sci-fi and submarines of Chris K ...
... more of those subs ...
... and last but not least some models from Chairman Dave
Here's the whole table - and in a different position from last year
Another view of the right hand side
And now the left
End on - a nice clean and tidy layout with plenty of space between models
Martin and Chairman Dave - obviously at a point before somebody brought the fun and laughter that Chris K mentions! (all photos from Chris K - cheers)
2015 Show - This is the first layout near the start of the show. Martin then arrived to add his models [Grrr! from the photographer] and later Michael and Christian added theirs [More Grrr! from the photographer]
As always, well nearly always, we laid our models out in owner groups - so starting from the right - we have Dave T's collection
Moving on swiftly, as most people do for this lot, from Graham
and onto t'Dave's colleciton of armour (see t'Dave. I didn't say ta....)
Here is Chris K's submarines and science-fiction section - all of which were entered in the competition but were judged at the table!
And to complete the line-up, Les (here showing the second arrangement after he had to squeeze them up a bit ... they were all strung out in a long line, just like they might in the war!)
Here's Martin's models - a late sandwich between Les and Chris K
And here we have more armour from Michael and his son Christian
This is Dave's latest model, the Grumman F8F Bearcat
This is Chris K's ISA White Star [almost with photographer's selfie, but fortunately not all!]
And this is Anubis by Chris K
t'Dave's armour with a simple but effective presentation
One from the collection from Les - his AEC Mk.III Armoured Car
Chris offers up his submarines for inpsection by the judges - they, together with his science fiction models gained bronze awards. Martin won a "commended" for his "Call the Midwife" diorama
The awards won by Chris for his models ....
... and our medal for Best Club Table in Show - well done to all concerned!