Our experiences and model displays at Scale Model World (SMW) run by IPMS(UK)...

We are able to exhibit at SMW now that the club has returned to the IPMS(UK) fold. The show promotes itself as "the largest event for the scale modelling hobby in the world", and who are we to disagree? Certainly none of the other shows in the UK come anywhere close and we don't travel abroad to others in case the UK Border Agency don't let us back in, so we cannot verify the claim. 2016 was our first visit to the show this century. We have been a few times in the 20th century we think, but it's all such a long time ago and no-one clearly remembers. There's probably evidence somewhere, but it's all academic now. Like Arnie, we're back! Enough of the history, let's get on with the show ...

2016 - 12-13th November

The advance party - or set-up team as the IPMS administration would call us, comprised Chairman Dave, Dave T, Bob L and Graham J. We set off late Friday morning with all the models, cloths (new), banners and display items and got the stand set-up, all bar three models, by late Friday afternoon. As you will see below, we had a pretty busy display and we think we covered a broad range of genres, subjects and scales which we hoped would illustrate the diverse interests of the club members.

On Saturday the set-up team were joined for the day by Alan H, Tim E and Dave H. On Sunday the set-up team were joined by Chris K, Tim Ev and Martin (with his wife) for the day. With a few helping hands to help dismantle the display and pack the models, we all managed a reasonably quick getaway. Sadly the same can't be said for the journey home, where a few of us got help up on the M42/M40. Deep joy! However, all of those who went had a good time they say and we're looking forward to a return visit next year. Some hotel rooms are already booked!

Aside from the folks mentioned, we also had models on the table from Chris M, Chris R, Ian H, Les, Mark and Matthew.

Our first visit of the century, the 2016 show. This is the view of the display from the IPMS South Somerset stand who were directly opposite us. Despite the banners, we still had a few folk ask where we were from ...
The left-hand side of the display contained models from Chris K, Chairman Dave, Dave H, Martin, Alan H, Les, Chris M and Chris R ...
And on the right-hand side we have models from Dave T, Tim Ev, Dave H, Martin, Chris K, Chris M, Graham J and Ian H ...
And a few more views from a little bit closer - you can of course find these models in the respective members' galleries ...
Between us we reckon that every model got a mention of some kind from one or more visitors showing that there was something for everyone on the table to look and talk about ...
Having said that, a few folks gave the eggplanes a dismissive look whilst others cracked a broad smile when they saw them ...
And Martin took a few orders for cod and chips with his "Chip Shop" diorama ...
The show was much busier on the Saturday than the Sunday (which is usual), but everyone had a chance to wander round and seek some bargains. Oh yes, some of us even looked at other peoples' models - an increasingly rare activity it seems at some shows, where stash building is the name of the game. Some of us still remember to build models every now and then.
Chris K relates that Chairman Dave had posted on Britmodeller on Friday that the A team was there on Saturday and that it was going downhill on Sunday with the arrival of the B team. Chris K replied “Does that mean your taking us skiing Dave?” to which he replied “I've got your models Buddy!”

On Saturday Chris K get a phone call that there had been a couple of breakages, with members in the background saying Chairman Dave had dropped the box with them in. [Ed: He'd tried throwing it across the table - ROFL]. A very apologetic Chairman Dave was met on Sunday. He hadn’t dropped the box but knocked it. Chris K commented "Accidents happen, no need for fuss, a bit of superglue and all was sorted."
As you can see, it was really, really busy. Okay, this was before opening and Chairman Dave already has to fend off the first of the Britmodellers who want to camp behind our table and eat our chocolates. Don't they have their own clubs to go to?

We had 90 models on the table from 13 club members. Not a bad start for our first display at SMW in the 21st century.
Dave H, Chairman Dave, Dave T and Dave, err no I mean Graham J, posing for the photographer (Photo - Andrew Prentiss)
And here's Chris K, Chairman Dave and Dave T (Photo via Andrew Prentiss)