Our experiences and model displays at the Salisbury IPMS model shows at Wyvern College ...

2017 - 3rd June

Three club members and two guests made the journey to this year's show - Chris K and his grandson Kieran, Graham C, Martin and Ruth. A full table was fielded by our intrepid band of merry men. It was very busy the whole day with lots of interest shown in our display, with the quote of the day "(its a joy to see something other than armour and planes". Of which we had one of each.
It was good to see our old chairman Tony who was pleased to see us, a big thank you to Salisbury for having us and putting on a great show..
A few bargains were had, Chris K grabbed a couple more submarine kits, Graham kept coming back with handfuls, banshee and more banshees. It was a good day out enjoyed by all with thanks to Ruth and Kieran who helped man the display.
Photos of our display table courtesy of Chris K.

2016 - 4th June

Three intrepid club members made the journey to this year's show - Les, Dave T and Martin. Les reports "It was an easy drive of just over one hour to one of our favourite shows which was well attended by clubs and traders alike. It was busy the whole day and never seemed to quieten much even towards the end. The traders must have had a good day as most people seemed to have a kit in their hands. Only three club members attended but as you can see the table was filled with a good display. Looking forward to next year." Thanks to Les for the photos of our display table.

2015 - 30th May

Chairman Dave, Les, Michael, Christian and Graham J made the reasonably long but usually pleasant journey down the M3 and A303 to this little show. What's new to say about the location and show? Not much really, it's always a nice day out, friendly and the catering is on a par with the best of them, as evidenced by some of the waistlines on display at the show. With just a few traders, there's not the usual scrummaging for bargains around their stalls and the clubs have a bit more space to sell models from "under the table", which some of us duly did.

The highlight of the show was Christian's bronze medal award for his Sherman in the Juniors section. The Sherman was one of his three entries, including one hot off the production line this morning (as evidenced by the paint on his hands) and it was great to see reward for his efforts. We look forward to seeing many more successful entries. Christian also received a gift voucher to spend on some goodies at the show, saving dad a bit of his own pocket money. Sadly his father Michael was not successful with his entries, but then there was pretty stiff competition in the main classes. The lowlight was the occasional need to fight for chairs and space with our neighbours to our left - not necessarily their fault, it's more a consequence of the layout that has parts of the table over-lapping. I guess if the modelling fraternity was a bit slimmer we could have narrower aisles to help fix the problem :-)

In the meantime, us oldies paraded the usual range of models, though a bit too much armour on the table this time (IMHO), but then it is the region for it and I guess it makes a change. We met a few show-circuit regulars, had several extended chats with various visitors and we all thought it was worth the effort to get there - and back of course. We even sold-off some of our respective stash of kits, which is always encouraging.

2014 - 31st May

Six of us made the journey down the M3 / A303 to the show: Tony; Les; Graham and the three Daves: Dave H; Dave T and Dave W. It's a compact show, being staged in one hall with the competition in a room off to the side. Space on the table was at a premium as well, so it was good that Dave H and Dave T put three models in the competition and in the process won a gold and two silvers respectively for the Olympia, Viking and Tracker models - well done chaps. We also had a fair few kits and books for sale under the table, as did many other clubs at the show.

After some juggling of models on the table - it's never planned (surely it must be, I hear you say) - we were all sorted and waited for the paying guests to arrive. Traffic was reasonably brisk in the morning, but tailed off in the afternoon. Considering that space was limited, we all managed to avoid breaking anything and some of us added to the stash to replace kits sold on the day. Here are a few photos of the models in our display - good to see some of Dave H's models making a rare appearance.

2013 - 1st June

A busy morning with a quieter afternoon. Tony won a silver for his frigate in the competition, but Brian was unsuccessful with his entries this time in what looked to be a high quality competition (but it's all relative of course). A well organised and well run show. Attendees from the club were Tony, Brian, Les, Dave T and Graham.

2012 - 9th June

A much busier show than the one we attended last week. Five of us from the club attended and we had some wide ranging discussions with our fellow modellers and members of the public, when we could hear them over the noise from Brian's Zero. We agreed ear plugs would be needed for the next show, or we'll provide some flat batteries for power.
Salisbury 2017 show, Graham C & Ruth in deep conversation
Salisbury2017 002
Chris K's subs and sci-fi
Salisbury2017 003
Chris K's more subs & sci-fi and a piece of armour
Salisbury2017 004
Martins diorama's with Martin in the background
Salisbury2017 005
More of Martins diorama's with a solitary Seafire from Graham C, who's in the background (minus a head so you dont recognize him LOL).
2016 Show - Dave T's ready and waiting ...
Three club members, three distinct genres and 31 models made up our display. First up, Les with his armour ...
And the other 6 from Les ...
Dave T with his aircraft ...
And the final two to complete his half dozen on display ...
And last but not least, Martin's colleciton of dioramas and figures
and the final four from Martin for a baker's dozen.
2015 Show - Les waits patiently for some visitors ...
... but where are they?
Starting from the left, the heavies! The collection from Les.
Oh no, more heavies! Dave, Michael and Christian wade in with the armour and an egg ship!
Blimey, yet more of them, but some signs of levity have appeared
Eggs and Harriers - it can only mean one thing - Graham J was here. A Sopwith Triplane is the odd one out
From on high
Ooh look, an admirer ... Les gets his wallet out ... surely he doesn't pay visitors to look at his models?
I'm not sure what the conversation was about, but clearly Chairman Dave's is sympathetic, or is it just indigestion?
I'm not sure we're ever safe from one of Chairman Dave's bombs
"Please Keep Off the Grass" seemingly ignored
Christian's Sherman entry in the Juniors Competition, alongside his 7.5cm Pak 40 and M41 behind
And here's Christian with his medal and gift voucher - well done lad!
2014 Show - Ready for inspection and also some attempts at stash reduction - though more likely stash swapping!
Flying over the top - right to left
Centre table
Left hand side
From the front
A youngster's view - table top height
And another
And that was that!
Our table at the IPMS Salisbury 2013 show. In stealth mode with no banner advertising.
Brian's collection - including a return visit to the show for the Zero, to ensure that the tanks on manoeuvre had some competition for sound levels.
Centre table (1) - hit them with the red
Display central - Tony's A400M doing the club name advertising next to Dave T's P-38.
Harriers and targets, err sorry, tanks - these from Les.
A giraffe's eye view of the table
We're glad the A400M is not 1/48th scale
In the hover above the Harriers
Here is our table at the Salisbury 2012 show
The armour display provided by Les - spot the one going backwards!
F-5s and F-104s, showing that you don't need big wings to make an impression
Tony's armour collection - and a slightly more fragile Mini
Brian's link trainer and Tony's A-10
At least there's one placew where you can still see a collection of UK Harriers
A collections of odds and sods, with two of the four SR-71s at the show on our table
1.5 Butcher birds (sorry Dave) and Brian's new hi-fi Zero
At last - a better exposed shot of Brian's Victor