On the Road
Despite what some might think! We do actually get out and about and travel (looking at some of us, it's easy to suppose that some of us don't see the light of day?),
Here are photos of our work at various model shows and events over the past four years. Older show visits can now be found in our Club archives page.

For simplicity our visits to a particular show are in one gallery per show venue.
Abingdon IPMS Shows
Avon IPMS Shows
BDAC Old Sarum
Bentwaters Visit
Farnborough IPMS Shows
Hailsham IPMS Show
ModelKraft (Milton Keynes) Shows
Museum of Army Flying Shows
Poole Vikings (Dorset IPMS) Shows
REME Modelshow
Romsey Scale Model Show
Salisbury IPMS Shows
Smallspace Hanslope
Tank Museum (Model Expo)
Telford IPMS SMW
Yeovil IPMS Show