Rogues Gallery
This section is not for the faint hearted. These are the "mug shots" of our members ... a few recent recruits haven't yet been caught on camera, but it is only a matter of time before they are caught for something! Not all members are regular attendees and some don't actually make any scale plastic models. Some, rarely finish any.
It takes all sorts to make a world, but what we all have in common is an interest in making models.
Past Members
Alan Hausmann
Arni Wookey
Bob Locke
Chris King Club Secretary & Webmaster
Chris Royle
Dave Haskell
Dave Turner (President)
David Caulder
Graham Clarke
Graham James
Iain Darby
Ian Gill
Jake Thomas
John Silvester
John Tucker
Les Clancy (Treasurer)
Marc Platt
Marcos Constantinou
Mark Inman
Martin Humphrey
Nick Ellerby
Peter Webb
Richard Walsh
Seb Talaga
Steve Hall
Rogues Gallery